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I am going to see if I get more 1:1 clients by doing this, so here it is, probably for a limited time:

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That's it. If you choose to stay on the list, I will share with you more ideas and techniques to have even more mindblowing pleasure.

I hope you enjoy it.

Ryan Orrock
Creator of the Pleasure Trance Program
Erotic and Sensual Hypnotist

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Clients Speak

“Great stuff. Huge talent. The best I’ve found in 20 years.”


Erection returns

“I was thinking today when I woke up, again with an erection as most days have, it’s like I am a teenager again and always ready for action…I don’t need to know why this has been working or what made it work, I am just happy that it did work….


Female pleasure

“I just want you to know, you have made me a believer. You have helped me achieve what I thought I would never have again.”


Deep Relaxation

“I have watched most of your videos at this stage and I find them amazing. ...  I find that I have to keep going back and watching them again and again… Your videos are different you voice is so strong and you know how to relax the mind and body. I have never gone so deep into trance as I have when listing to your voice.”


Experience your Fantasies

“I loved it so much, it drove me absolutly crazy… …. you led me to a wonderful spot… it was beautiful…Thanks again… simply stunned, by how you have managed to get me to this point with the system … :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart….” – P. S.


“The most beautiful experience I ever had! (It helps that your voice is really hot…or do i think that because you suggested it ?”  ;) 


“&%#. I had the best orgasm ever!!”


“Holy F*%$!”