Go Deeper. Submit. Surrender. And Feel Intense ***Pleasure***

Dr. “O” entrances you to extreme bliss…

Have you watched the free “Orgasm on Command” on YouTube? It’s the classic.

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“Honestly, this actually works for me. Sure, I have been aroused many many times, but I actually had a legit orgasm listening to this. Honestly, I have never felt so zoned and great in my whole life. My jaw was weirdly overly relaxed and my moans sounded like a dog’s pant. It was so arousing. Goddamn.”

“This was amazing. I watched this video for the first time today. I was so aroused I was still feeling very relaxed an hour after I watched the video. Can you please make a new video for me as I suffer from stress in every part of my body and when I have orgasms, it’s like something leaves my body.”

fuck it worked. not even joking. Guess my mind is hella moldable lol

after 12 mins I squirted

Best experience of my life!

Best I’ve ever came, I also watched more and am now susceptible to almost immediate relax, sleep, and trance

said cum for me! I exploded with pleasure and came all over. That was surreal

I really really had deep relaxation there ,I have MS/rheumatoid of the spine and it was the 1st time without pain in a good while.I had NO IDEA whatsover it had anything to so with sex and when it said ‘You are coming clse,orgasm now orgasm ‘ my cat jumped from the back of the bed using my stomach as a spring board!!! LOL..too funny.Would there be any chance at all of doing a chronicpain meditation for me? I am on 160mg of Oxycontin and the pain is still severe,I’ll really happily pay if you have a cd or a med to download.My cat is naughty..hehe Peace Sophie

oh my god… My husband cant make me orgasm but i did twice in this video. I never knew it felt that good… please.. again…

you tickled my ear-clit (!)

omg it worked I just let myself in an believe and tried to be as open minded as possible I thought hypnotism was fake but iomg when he starting saying to get aroused I had the craziest fastest boner ever and I couldnt stop myself from moaning It might sound creepy but Im just shoked omg

Everytime I watch/ listen to this video I cum and squirt so much I soak through my pants, blankets, sheets, down to the mattress. I find if I cum and then keep going back to the part where you say ‘cum now, orgasm now’, I can keep cumming over and over. I kept cumming for over an hour yesterday! This video works so well, just hearing your voice makes my pu**y so wet. I need so many more of these

I never squirted so much. First time I listened my phone stopped right at before the release and had to reboot and start over. This is definetly my new fave video!

I’m not sure I van post this on YouTube but I have never squ*rted before and I literally could not stop. Omg. I need to watch this again and again and again. Strongest orga*m ever

Oh my god!! I listened to it twice one after another because I was so suprised tgat it worked. Honestly please please keep making more videos like this one. Headed straight over to the subscribe list and now waiting for my email. It cannot come quick enough and neither can I. Absolutely amazing. Cannot describe.

This is the first time a hypnosis has actually worked on me. I don’t think I’m going to stick to masturbation anymore, haha!

haha, based off this page alone, this guy has got more women off then all the guys I know combined.  And never touched them.  #skill

OH MY GOD. Just…wow. I felt so good! I’m still shaking and pretty aroused after waking up. 😉 I think what I love most about this recording is how calm and soothing your voice is at the beginning, and then getting more passionate and sensual when the pleasure begins to build. It’s almost like you’re cumming with me! Please make more wonderful audios like this! kisses screen

Holy fuck that was amazing. I was sceptical at first, but it worked and the orgasm just kept going! Thank you!


If you do this naked from the waist down it feels absolutely amazing ahhh

That was so wonderful. I’ve never cum so hard before.

Just had my first orgasm.. mmm your voice was great:) thank you!!:)

That was crazy! It didn’t happend by i was diffenetly hypnosed! It felt like i was flying after the staircase. My body was fighting, trinh to wake up, but i couldn’t. I can’t remember more. But i woke up in the end.

The first time I awoke and fell different an not fully realizing I have just orgasm as I when very very deep into trance…  I felt that I need to pee… so I when to the bathroom and I found out I was to wet and creams in my thong… so I found a comfortable place and listened again and did not go as deep in trance and have a huge orgasm… I am totally amazed…

I didn’t orgasm but a lot of cum came [??!!?]

Ummm… Wow… Ahem Recomposes self I’m going to see if you have more of these…

Oh wow….first time actually being able to go under AND you made me cum? Very talented Sir ..you should definitely be a Dom ;P

Omg I squirted so hard on my boyfriend it was amazing orgasmes better than ever I am so horny

pussy gettin game too strong

This guy must have the biggest pussy game! All these girls are fucking wet!

This made me squirt hard!

TheHypGuy i dont think any man has made me feel more pleasurable than you, hm. and that was with hands.