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Join me for unbelievable pleasure via erotic hypnosis

And then she came!

I didn't even know what I was doing ... when I first began 'playing' this way...

I would tell women "stories" and suggest certain experiences, and they began to touch. No kissing. No nothing. Even on chat!

The stories became real  (to them).

How was this even possible??!!

After studying the body/mind connection to pleasure (and how emotional and mental blocks get in the way), I began applying what I had learned to these 'journeys'.

What happened was mindblowing.

Men who hadn't had erections in years began having them again.

Women who had never orgasmed experienced their first orgasms ever! (and second, and third and haha...!)

Both men and women began experiencing more powerful orgasms than ever before.

I knew I was on to something.

So I decided to share it. 500K YouTube views and hundreds of sessions later, I developed the ImagiTrance system--a guided system to more pleasure that you have ever experienced. 

You can get your first taste by subscribing below. I think you'll enjoy it. ;)

Yours in pleasure,

Ryan Orrock

Creator- ImagiTrance System

Clients Speak

“Great stuff. Huge talent. The best I’ve found in 20 years.”


Erection returns

“I was thinking today when I woke up, again with an erection as most days have, it’s like I am a teenager again and always ready for action…I don’t need to know why this has been working or what made it work, I am just happy that it did work….


Female pleasure

“I just want you to know, you have made me a believer. You have helped me achieve what I thought I would never have again.”


Deep Relaxation

“I have watched most of your videos at this stage and I find them amazing. ...  I find that I have to keep going back and watching them again and again… Your videos are different you voice is so strong and you know how to relax the mind and body. I have never gone so deep into trance as I have when listing to your voice.”


Experience your Fantasies

“I loved it so much, it drove me absolutly crazy… …. you led me to a wonderful spot… it was beautiful…Thanks again… simply stunned, by how you have managed to get me to this point with the system … :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart….” – P. S.


“The most beautiful experience I ever had! (It helps that your voice is really hot…or do i think that because you suggested it ?”  ;) 


“&%#. I had the best orgasm ever!!”


“Holy F*%$!”