Hypnosis is an infinitely wide subject. And I enjoy it a very deep level. I’m always looking for ways to take people to deeper and deeper trance experiences, to experience things they never experienced before. Judging from the feedback I received, I’m quite successful.

So I am going to talk a little bit about hypnosis from the point of view of someone who might be wanting to learn hypnosis because I’ll be creating a full course to explain how to learn hypnosis and this is one file to help you learn how to do so.

And it’s going to be at a very deep level, not what you’re used to reading. Because I’m dealing with the deepest issues and psychic connection that I can possibly discover.

And the first thing I want to talk about is the prerequisite hypnosis is rapport. How do you establish rapport? What is important for? What gets in the way of rapport? And I’m sure I’m going to talk about it away to never heard before regardless of how much experience you have with analysis.

Rapport is deeply connected to trust or connection. But at the end of the day, and this is what most people don’t talk about, report equals obedience or willingness to follow suggestions.

You need to establish to two kinds of repport for beginning with working with hypnosis. The first is to be allowed to hypnotize someone. The second is to help them follow your suggestions.

So here’s some sneaky ways to establish rapport. First of all, establish obedience. Invite them to take a deep breath. Tell them to look up, look down. Anything that they do as results of you saying it is great for building rapport. Their subconscious mind is getting used to following you in obedience as an authority figure as they do so.

Sometimes all you need to say is “try this”. Other times you can simply say what you want them to do. It depends upon the relationship that you’ve established with them so far. The initial rapport.

I found it works very powerfully to conditioned people to respond to specific numbers “when I say one breathe in” “when I say two”, breathe out, for example. By saying the numbers to condition their mind over and over again in a repetitive pattern to follow what you’re saying.

Because not only must the conscious mind decide to be hypnotized, which implies following your suggestions. The Subconscious mind has to get used to it as a habit.

The longer and more boring the series of suggestions is, the deeper they will go into the subconscious mind. When the conscious mind completely stops evaluating Instructions, for whatever reason, much deeper rapport is achieved.

Novelty tends to attract the attention of the conscious mind. Therefore boring repetition will make it go to sleep that much easier.

This never gives you an excuse to do anything that the trancee does not want to have happen. If you do try to exceed boundaries, rapport can be broken devastatingly and irreparably.

Another key to report his permission or the guilt thing or absolution. What a chance he receives permission to be how they are to feel how they are to ask how they are, they feel connection for the person who gave them permission to be this way and contrast with the rest of the world.

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