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This video takes you through the experience of three pleasurable experiences, each greater than the last, and opens up a journey to almost unlimited pleasure potential.

And I’m going to tell you what else you are going to get over the next week or so:

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Dr B is an expert in sensual pleasure, sexuality, and hypnosis. He has been working in this field for almost 20 years in various capacities and wants YOU to learn how to have more pleasure and ENJOY hypnosis!

Find Joy and Release Pain, Fear, and Guilt around Pleasure and Sexuality: Session Five

Finding Joy in PleasureHave you had deep negative, painful experiences with your sexuality?

Have your boundaries been crossed in unpleasant ways?

Do you need to reprogram your experience around sex and sexuality?

Then this is the session for you.

This sessions supports you in letting go of pain, guilt and suffering around negative words or traumatic experiences in your sexual history. Combine with the previous session for even more powerful effects.


Professionally recorded audio with gentle music.

Length: 25 minutes, MP3

Price: $20

Love Your Body: Session Four in the Pleasure Trance System

Love yourself!

Be guided step-by-step through your body as you develop a deeper appreciation for the gift your body is.

Speak powerful affirmations and be guided by loving imagery as you…let go of shame and inhibition around your body and learn to accept and love your body as an instrument for greatest pleasure.


Love Your Body

Shame or fear about your body can be paralyzing and prevent pleasure from being your powerful experience. Get this session to let go of that fear and learn to love and accept your body as a path to amazing pleasure.

Professionally recorded audio with gentle music.

Length: 21 minutes, MP3

Price: $20

How to get the Most out of [Erotic] Hypnosis

How to Get the Most out of [Erotic] Hypnosis…and a free Gift

The benefits of hypnosis are incredible…just go read some YouTube comments about good hypnosis recordings. People experiences things through this medium that they have never experienced any other way. Any peak experience involves¬†both¬†the¬†mind and body. Hypnosis helps you synchronize and activate them both in ways that few things in the world can.

10-20% of the population will have a strong, powerful experience with hypnosis right off the bat. They can skip most of this.

The rest of us need to use the following keys to get all we can out of a hypnosis experience.


Some people can enter a trance and follow suggestions easily. Those people are blessed with a gift. Others have to work at it a bit longer.

Now, hypnosis ‘work’ is the opposite of the work we do otherwise in life. In hypnosis ‘work’, we need to relax and let ourselves experience what the hypnotist has prepared for us, rather than ‘expending effort’ to make things happen.

But the mind is not used to going into this relaxed place. We are conditioned to be ‘stressed out’, working hard, self-critical…unhappy, basically. There are a lot of voices telling us we aren’t enough and need to work harder in our heads.

Hypnosis says: you are perfect how you are. You can simply relax and let your deeper self have the amazing experience that you need and want.

It takes awhile for some of us to let that message sink in. Thus, practice is essential.

And, don’t be afraid to practice with a ‘real live hypnotist’. A hypnotist working with you (whether over the phone or in an office) has many tools to help you reach trance states.

Once you are able to easily go into trance, online resources are even more effective.

Key #2: Intend to go into Hypnosis

This sounds ridiculous on the face of it, but many people come and ask to be forced into hypnosis.


  • misunderstand hypnosis
  • misunderstand how they should feel under hypnosis

and they don’t get the effects that they want.

You¬†can’t¬†be ‘forced’ into being hypnotized. If you don’t want to be hypnotized, you won’t be. Simple as that.

But it is even more subtle. If you are judging and being critical of the hypnotist, their abilities, style, and so on, it will be very hard to get into a trance state.

After one of my first trance experiences that I was less than satisfied with, instead of judging the hypnotist, criticizing, blaming, I decided to do one thing.

Say over and over “I am being hypnotized. I will go under. I am going into trance.”

Just setting that intent and repeating it over and over allowed me to experience a deep, powerful, life-changing (ultimately) trance. So that is a trick you can use to get hypnotized regardless of the skill or ability of the person or file that is hypnotizing you.

Key #3: Practice Trance States

Every indigenous society had ways of entering trance states. Drumming. Sacred medicine. Dance. Music. Rituals.

We don’t have those hardly at all in our society.

We are very connected to the ‘reality we see with our logical mind’ in every day life. We put great value on the physical and often ignore the imagination and emotional planes.

So, you probably don’t have much experience with altered or trance states, except maybe through alcohol or other substances.

Now we must find other ways to enter trance states, and reap the benefits that result from this ‘new way of looking at things’.

One great way to do Meditate.

Meditation can mean a lot of things, but I usually define it as ‘being with what is’, in the ‘here and now’.

We are often so much in our ‘thinking’ (but not imaginative) mind, that we miss all around us: the sensations of pleasure (and sometimes pain) of a sunrise or in beautiful flowers or a million other things around us every day.

We see other people as ‘functional objects’ to meet our needs, instead of experiencing them on a sensate (!) level.

This is rather…unfortunate. Especially considering what experiences our senses are capable of providing.

So, just dropping into our body and connecting to the senses can provide a type of ‘altered state’ that is different than we usually experience.

If you have a regular practice of meditation, that is usually very helpful for entering hypnosis.

So, to recap:

1: Practice, practice, practice hypnosis (live if possible)
2: Intend to be hypnotized
3: Regularly go into Trance/Altered States in other ways – such as meditation

These three things will help you go into deeper, more powerful hypnotic states and get even more or what you need from the experience.

Happy trancing,

Dr. B.

Relating to Me



I am not going to be

Your boyfriend

Your husband

I don’t plan to give you children

Get a house

With a white picket fence

I will only

Be with you

In the time we have

However I feel

To be in that moment.


Why Isn’t this all Free?

I remember when I paid for my first erotic hypnosis experience.

I was terrified!

What would happen? Would I turn into a mindless slave? Would I be able to be hypnotized at all? I was literally shaking when I picked up the phone to call.

I tried to sound calm but I was really, really scared.

As it turned out, none of my fears happened. And that experience and many more became some of the most amazing, transformational experiences of my life. Some of you know what I am talking about.

That as an intro to a question I am getting more and more.

“Why does any of this cost money?”

There are three answers to this question. The first is:

Truth? I wish it didn’t. I wish it was all free. I wish we lived like the birds and the flowers and the fish and didn’t have to pay for anything on this green earth.

But we do. We’ve decided in this society that we convert life energy into money and exchange it to others.

And to live in this society, we gotta pay for stuff.

Tried the ‘free’ thing. Didn’t work for a couple reasons. The first?

I couldn’t give my gifts (amazing hypnosis) effectively 1) because it takes time and energy to create and distribute. In other words,¬†I couldn’t provide you with amazing orgasmic and transformational experiences as I wanted without charging money.

But there is something even more important I have noticed I’ll talk about later.

Reason #2

There are the results of my hypnosis (reported by one or more people):

  • Most amazing orgasm of life (ever)
  • Better more powerful pleasure in normal life and lovemaking
  • Becoming erectly functional again (after 1.5y)
  • More confidence
  • Fewer sexual inhibitions
  • Anger problems disappearing
  • More calm and peace in life
  • Overcoming suicidal thoughts
  • Better finances
  • Career improvements and opportunities
  • Expanded emotional experience

The list goes on and on.

And guess who gets the best results?

Those who invest the most time and money in the path!


Because investing in something means you take it more seriously!

I have certainly downloaded my share of all sorts of stuff in my life. And I have a book published with a creative commons license.

But, I notice that what I have paid for, I take seriously.

Have you noticed that? You value things you pay for more than what you get for free?

So, if you enjoy the experience you get from my hypnosis and if you want to have the deepest most pleasurable and transformational experience you can with it, it helps you to invest what you are willing and able to to have this experience. You invest in yourself.

There is one final thing.

Reason #3

Many of us feel like we are ‘victims’ in life. People ‘make’ us do things.

We HAVE to pay rent.

We HAVE to pay for utilities.

We HAVE to pay for transportation.

We don’t feel like we have many choices and especially, we don’t feel like we have a right to invest in our own pleasure and growth.

So most people don’t.

With the result that most people live a somewhat ‘robotic’ existence where they do the same thing day in and day out and never really experience much of what life can be–things that they didn’t even realize were possible until they ‘stepped out of the box’ and tried something new (like you did by signing up here! Good job YOU!)

You are different.

I teach submission. And the first part of submission is finding time and space to submit.

Many people are shocked to see that they 1) don’t have a quiet space in their lives in which to be hypnotized in (much less in which to have screaming orgasms) 2) have no time alone to enjoy working on submission.

With submission, just as with “paying for hypnosis”,¬†the first time you try, you notice how much power you have or don’t have!

If you don’t have¬†any¬†money to invest in your own pleasure, what does that tell you about your life? Is that something you want to keep?

Or do you want a life where you can regularly and deeply invest in your own greatest pleasure and satisfaction!

I know I do.

And I know that many of you feel like you don’t have ‘any money’ at all.

Let me ask you some questions.

  • How often do you go to Starbucks? (or fill in your favorite place)
  • What do you get from that purchase? What does it cost?
  • What made you subscribe to my list?
  • What were you hoping to get from it?
  • What would you be willing to do or give for the result you desire?


When I was very religious, I gave 10% of my income–didn’t matter where it came from–to my church. And what was left over was always ‘enough’.

No matter how much money you have or don’t have, you can afford to spend some on yourself.¬†That is a very empowering thought! And, if you see my hypnosis as the self-improvement gift to yourself it is (see the list I wrote above), then it is a NO-BRAINER to start investing even more in your true life pleasure and satisfaction.

I have structured what I offer so that even the person with the least financial strength can get amazing results.

My Levels

So level zero is simply listening to my free stuff online. The free stuff is fun. It’s like a mini-vacation. Go for it. Enjoy! Many people have outstanding experiences with it (25% of those who start listening to my Orgas.m on Command video listen to all 25 minutes–which is amazing for YouTube).

But, if you want to go to the next level. If you want to have even more mind-blowing, life-changing transformational experiences, you will need go up a level.

And that next level is so cheap (less than two trips to Starbucks), I find it difficult to believe that anyone reading this can’t do it. For $10 a month you get access to 20 more files+5 per month. Five files for $10. Every month. That is crazy.

And, if you have good experience there, you can go deeper and deeper. And I hope you will. More on that later.

If you continue to practice listening at that level, you will notice changes in your life (in addition to the super-cool feeling just listening provides). No question.

And if not, you can quit at any time. No problem.

So you see, not only is the structure of charging for some hypnosis help me do what I love and give you more amazing hypnosis goodness, it:

1. Helps you take control of your life.
2. Shows you you¬†can¬†invest in your own pleasure. This helps you feel your own power in life and allows you to let go of the ‘victim’ mentality around money.
3. Gives you the most powerful amazing benefits you can get. You take it seriously.
4. Speeds up the process of getting those amazing results.

So there you go.

Ok. So enough explaining. I want to do this for you.

If everyone who reads this signed up for just $10 a month, I could release everything I ever do for free to those people after that. I would love to do that.

So here is your next step.

If you want to get all the results I described and have access to an entire library of 20+ files sorted for amazing hypnosis goodness, sign up for the Illumi-Naughty program.

I know of nothing like it anywhere on the net. (And believe me, I know ALL about the erotic hypnosis on the net!)

I look forward to guiding you deeper and deeper through your journey of pleasure and trans(ce)formation!

Your erotic hypnotist,
Dr. B

P. S.¬†More details and a list of files you will get upon subscription are listed¬†here. Some very exciting ones are coming in October you¬†won’t¬†want to miss!


Voice of Resistance / Voice of Submission / Voice of Pleasure


In this 30 min file, you begin with your ‘resistant’ voice in your left ear, and your ‘compliant’ voice in your right.

Which Voice will you Follow?As you continue to listen, the voice in your left ear gets weaker and weaker and another Voice arises–the voice of pleasure…

The Voices of Pleasure and Obedience begin to take over and soon the voice of resistance is gone, leaving you feeling wonderful, compliant deep, and open…

Follow Me: Session Three in the Pleasure Trance Series

Mindless Obedience is Fun!

Want to respond powerfully and deeply to my suggestions?

Then GET THIS RECORDING! ūüėČ Sample below.


Follow Me

This file deepens your submissive impulses to not think, and to just do what my voice tells you to do. Contains suggestions and commands like “I accept your words.”

“I relax for you.” and creates more pleasure from listening to and accepting my words.

It reinforces me creating feelings and sensations of pleasure in your body. The programming in this file is necessary to deepen your experience of control and submission.

Professionally recorded audio with soft echo effects.

Length: 26 minutes, 40 MB MP3

Price: $20

Number 3 in the Pleasure Trance series.