How to get the Most out of [Erotic] Hypnosis

How to Get the Most out of [Erotic] Hypnosis…and a free Gift

The benefits of hypnosis are incredible…just go read some YouTube comments about good hypnosis recordings. People experiences things through this medium that they have never experienced any other way. Any peak experience involves both the mind and body. Hypnosis helps you synchronize and activate them both in ways that few things in the world can.

10-20% of the population will have a strong, powerful experience with hypnosis right off the bat. They can skip most of this.

The rest of us need to use the following keys to get all we can out of a hypnosis experience.


Some people can enter a trance and follow suggestions easily. Those people are blessed with a gift. Others have to work at it a bit longer.

Now, hypnosis ‘work’ is the opposite of the work we do otherwise in life. In hypnosis ‘work’, we need to relax and let ourselves experience what the hypnotist has prepared for us, rather than ‘expending effort’ to make things happen.

But the mind is not used to going into this relaxed place. We are conditioned to be ‘stressed out’, working hard, self-critical…unhappy, basically. There are a lot of voices telling us we aren’t enough and need to work harder in our heads.

Hypnosis says: you are perfect how you are. You can simply relax and let your deeper self have the amazing experience that you need and want.

It takes awhile for some of us to let that message sink in. Thus, practice is essential.

And, don’t be afraid to practice with a ‘real live hypnotist’. A hypnotist working with you (whether over the phone or in an office) has many tools to help you reach trance states.

Once you are able to easily go into trance, online resources are even more effective.

Key #2: Intend to go into Hypnosis

This sounds ridiculous on the face of it, but many people come and ask to be forced into hypnosis.


  • misunderstand hypnosis
  • misunderstand how they should feel under hypnosis

and they don’t get the effects that they want.

You can’t be ‘forced’ into being hypnotized. If you don’t want to be hypnotized, you won’t be. Simple as that.

But it is even more subtle. If you are judging and being critical of the hypnotist, their abilities, style, and so on, it will be very hard to get into a trance state.

After one of my first trance experiences that I was less than satisfied with, instead of judging the hypnotist, criticizing, blaming, I decided to do one thing.

Say over and over “I am being hypnotized. I will go under. I am going into trance.”

Just setting that intent and repeating it over and over allowed me to experience a deep, powerful, life-changing (ultimately) trance. So that is a trick you can use to get hypnotized regardless of the skill or ability of the person or file that is hypnotizing you.

Key #3: Practice Trance States

Every indigenous society had ways of entering trance states. Drumming. Sacred medicine. Dance. Music. Rituals.

We don’t have those hardly at all in our society.

We are very connected to the ‘reality we see with our logical mind’ in every day life. We put great value on the physical and often ignore the imagination and emotional planes.

So, you probably don’t have much experience with altered or trance states, except maybe through alcohol or other substances.

Now we must find other ways to enter trance states, and reap the benefits that result from this ‘new way of looking at things’.

One great way to do Meditate.

Meditation can mean a lot of things, but I usually define it as ‘being with what is’, in the ‘here and now’.

We are often so much in our ‘thinking’ (but not imaginative) mind, that we miss all around us: the sensations of pleasure (and sometimes pain) of a sunrise or in beautiful flowers or a million other things around us every day.

We see other people as ‘functional objects’ to meet our needs, instead of experiencing them on a sensate (!) level.

This is rather…unfortunate. Especially considering what experiences our senses are capable of providing.

So, just dropping into our body and connecting to the senses can provide a type of ‘altered state’ that is different than we usually experience.

If you have a regular practice of meditation, that is usually very helpful for entering hypnosis.

So, to recap:

1: Practice, practice, practice hypnosis (live if possible)
2: Intend to be hypnotized
3: Regularly go into Trance/Altered States in other ways – such as meditation

These three things will help you go into deeper, more powerful hypnotic states and get even more or what you need from the experience.

Happy trancing,

Dr. B.

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