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Welcome to Circles of Pleasure

Circles of pleasure is a journey and a game.

The journey will take you as deeply into pleasure as you are willing to go.

The game will give you task and challenges before you can qualify for a deeper circle.

You should already have listened to Orgasm on Command and Hypnosis Domination to begin.

If you haven’t, do so now.

Very good, my Pet. 😉

After you have listened to at least one of them, tell me how it was for you.

Now, if you wish to continue even deeper into the Circles of Pleasure, receive the “Lessons in Submission” by clicking this link. You will be taken to Patreon and have the opportunity to contribute $5 (monthly if you choose) to your pleasurable submission more deeply…

How deep will you go?




Find Joy and Release Pain, Fear, and Guilt around Pleasure and Sexuality: Session Five

Finding Joy in PleasureHave you had deep negativepainful experiences with your sexuality?

Have your boundaries been crossed in unpleasant ways?

Do you need to reprogram your experience around sex and sexuality?

Then this is the session for you.

This sessions supports you in letting go of pain, guilt and suffering around negative words or traumatic experiences in your sexual history. Combine with the previous session for even more powerful effects.


Professionally recorded audio with gentle music.

Length: 25 minutes, MP3

Price: $20

Love Your Body: Session Four in the Pleasure Trance System

Love yourself!

Be guided step-by-step through your body as you develop a deeper appreciation for the gift your body is.

Speak powerful affirmations and be guided by loving imagery as you…let go of shame and inhibition around your body and learn to accept and love your body as an instrument for greatest pleasure.


Love Your Body

Shame or fear about your body can be paralyzing and prevent pleasure from being your powerful experience. Get this session to let go of that fear and learn to love and accept your body as a path to amazing pleasure.

Professionally recorded audio with gentle music.

Length: 21 minutes, MP3

Price: $20

Voice of Resistance / Voice of Submission / Voice of Pleasure


In this 30 min file, you begin with your ‘resistant’ voice in your left ear, and your ‘compliant’ voice in your right.

Which Voice will you Follow?As you continue to listen, the voice in your left ear gets weaker and weaker and another Voice arises–the voice of pleasure…

The Voices of Pleasure and Obedience begin to take over and soon the voice of resistance is gone, leaving you feeling wonderful, compliant deep, and open…

Follow Me: Session Three in the Pleasure Trance Series

Mindless Obedience is Fun!

Want to respond powerfully and deeply to my suggestions?

Then GET THIS RECORDING! 😉 Sample below.


Follow Me

This file deepens your submissive impulses to not think, and to just do what my voice tells you to do. Contains suggestions and commands like “I accept your words.”

“I relax for you.” and creates more pleasure from listening to and accepting my words.

It reinforces me creating feelings and sensations of pleasure in your body. The programming in this file is necessary to deepen your experience of control and submission.

Professionally recorded audio with soft echo effects.

Length: 26 minutes, 40 MB MP3

Price: $20

Number 3 in the Pleasure Trance series.

Achieve Deepest Trance: Session Two in the Hypno Pleasure System

Trance is the state where change becomes possible.

If you have trouble going into a deep trance state, or want to go even deeper, this recording is for you. Sample…


Deepest Trance Audio Training

Deep TranceThis file will help you achieve extremely deep and powerful trance states which open you to more creativity, enjoyment, and pleasure. Combined with the Relaxation file, you are well on your way to experiencing more pleasure than you ever dreamed possible.

Professionally recorded audio with soft background music.

Length: 21 minutes

Price: $20

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Number 2 in the Pleasure Trance series.