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Welcome to Circles of Pleasure

Circles of pleasure is a journey and a game.

The journey will take you as deeply into pleasure as you are willing to go.

The game will give you task and challenges before you can qualify for a deeper circle.

You should already have listened to Orgasm on Command and Hypnosis Domination to begin.

If you haven’t, do so now.

Very good, my Pet. 😉

After you have listened to at least one of them, tell me how it was for you.

Now, if you wish to continue even deeper into the Circles of Pleasure, receive the “Lessons in Submission” by clicking this link. You will be taken to Patreon and have the opportunity to contribute $5 (monthly if you choose) to your pleasurable submission more deeply…

How deep will you go?




Voice of Resistance / Voice of Submission / Voice of Pleasure


In this 30 min file, you begin with your ‘resistant’ voice in your left ear, and your ‘compliant’ voice in your right.

Which Voice will you Follow?As you continue to listen, the voice in your left ear gets weaker and weaker and another Voice arises–the voice of pleasure…

The Voices of Pleasure and Obedience begin to take over and soon the voice of resistance is gone, leaving you feeling wonderful, compliant deep, and open…

Follow Me: Session Three in the Pleasure Trance Series

Mindless Obedience is Fun!

Want to respond powerfully and deeply to my suggestions?

Then GET THIS RECORDING! 😉 Sample below.


Follow Me

This file deepens your submissive impulses to not think, and to just do what my voice tells you to do. Contains suggestions and commands like “I accept your words.”

“I relax for you.” and creates more pleasure from listening to and accepting my words.

It reinforces me creating feelings and sensations of pleasure in your body. The programming in this file is necessary to deepen your experience of control and submission.

Professionally recorded audio with soft echo effects.

Length: 26 minutes, 40 MB MP3

Price: $20

Number 3 in the Pleasure Trance series.

Submissive Tasks Level One

Here are a list of tasks you can do as a submissive to help you become a better submissive and get feedback from me.

It takes time for me to read and reply, so there are very small fees involved. Payments are processed anonymously by Niteflirt (I don’t know who you are) with credit cards.* They are very reputable. Simply create an account with them, fund it, and buy away.

Task 1: BDSM Checklist ($5 – Excel File)

What are and aren’t you prepared to do sexually? Why or why not? What have you had experience with?  Fill out this questionnaire to find out what your true limits are. Return it to Sir for brief comments.

Task 2: Journaling for your Master ($5 – Video)

This is a basic video instruction to help you create a secret online journal for master.

Task 3: Read my Journal Please, Sir ($2)

If you want Sir’s comments on your journal, you can have me read it. Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Whatever your budget is. This is how you receive feedback from me about what you write. Make sure you buy task two first, so you have a journal and something written!

Task 4: Improving my Mind and Spirit for Master ($5 – Video)

This is another basic video lesson which teaches you how to understand yourself through ‘going inside’ for master as a daily practice.

Task 5: Tell Me Your Secrets ($5 – MP3)

This trance experience will encourage you to tell me some secret about you that I can use in our domination more effectively….

Level One Submission Challenge ($10)

When you are ready to demonstrate your submission to me in word, audio, or image, purchase this challenge to prove your submission to me.

* This also prevents minors from accessing the material.

Submission Series, Task One

So you want to submit? Here is your chance. Here is the first step of your submission.

You submit by sacrifice and obedience. 

Here is the link to your task-Sacrifice and Obedience #1.

And let me explain some things for you. 

The site I have set this up on takes anonymous payments. So I don’t see your name or e-mail.

The results of your tasks may be posted (semi-) publicly but will never be identified in any way. Unless you tell me you do not want them posted at all. 

The point of my training is to help you be the best sub you can be. There are various levels to show your willingness and determination…

I am excited to see what you come up with!

Dr. B

Becoming a Good Hypnotizee

Hypnosis consists of three skills:

1. Trancing (accessing altered states). Trancing is essentially becoming a ‘blank slate’.

2. Following guidance

3. Imagining

If you can do all three, you will have the most amazing experiences in trance that you now cannot believe are possible.

We are developing a multi-step program for learning all three of these areas.

Developing Trancing Skill:

First, Visual

Look at the following link until you fall into trance. Reply “Thank you, Master”

Look at the following link until you fall into trance. Reply “Thank you, Master”

Look at the following link until you fall into trance. Reply “Thank you, Master”

Once you can quickly fall into trance through these visual stimulations, move to auditory trance.

Second, Auditory

Listen to the following youtube until you go into trance.

Reply “Thank you, Master”

Then listen to the following video until you go into trance.

Reply “Thank you, Master”

Then listen to the following video until you go into trance (with headphones).

Reply “Thank you, Master”

You are getting very good at trance.

The next post will train you in following.