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Thank YOU for Joining the Community!


Here is the link to the FREE videos I promised: SECRET VIDEO LINK PAGE

YOU GOTTA watch Triple YOUR Pleasure! And enjoy the others as well 😉

This video takes you through the experience of three pleasurable experiences, each greater than the last, and opens up a journey to almost unlimited pleasure potential.

And I’m going to tell you what else you are going to get over the next week or so:

  • Articles about making hypnosis very powerful for you
  • Explanations about playing with Dominance and Submission in hypnosis–why it’s so fun and how to keep it safe, sane, and consensual!
  • FREE written text trances (about one a week) where I take you on a mental journey to a VERY pleasurable place…
  • Special offers that ONLY get made on this list
  • …and much more!

So stick around and watch the magic happen!

And ONE more thing! Can you help ME out?

I want to know exactly what YOU WANT from your hypnosis experiences.

I have a completely anonymous survey to help me find that out. Click here to fill it out and I will get you MORE of what YOU want!

Hypnotically Yours!

Dr B

Dr B is an expert in sensual pleasure, sexuality, and hypnosis. He has been working in this field for almost 20 years in various capacities and wants YOU to learn how to have more pleasure and ENJOY hypnosis!