“Great stuff. Huge talent.┬áThe best I’ve found in 20 years.” – G.

From a client who dealt with erectile dysfunction:

“I was thinking today when I woke up, again with an erection as most days have, it’s like I am a teenager again and always ready for action…I don’t need to know why this has been working or what made it work, I am just happy that it did work….

“I just want you to know, you have made me a believer in hypnosis, and I do believe that you are the reason that this all worked for me. Thank you for being patient with me and understanding of my struggle, you have helped me through what I thought I would never have again.”

“I have watched most of your videos at this stage and I find them amazing. Your voice is so addictive I find that I have to keep going back and watching them again and again… Your videos are different you voice is so strong and you know how to relax the mind and body. I have never gone so deep into trance as I have when listing to your voice.” – P. S.

Fantasy Hypnosis:

“I loved it so much, it drove me absolutly crazy… …. you led me to a wonderful spot… it was beautiful…Thanks again… simply stunned, by how you have managed to get me to this point with the hypnosis… ­čÖé┬áThank you from the bottom of my heart….” – P. S.

YouTube Trances:

“The most beautiful experience i ever had! it helps that your voice is really hot…or do i think that because u┬áhypnotized┬áme..:D” – F

“Shit. It gave me the best orgasm I’d ever had!!”

“Holy F*%$!”


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Never have I gone so deeply into hypnosis before Dr B. I was once very skeptical of hypnosis via text, but after working with him, I am a thorough believer!

  2. Truly sincerely, I did not believe in hypnosis until I started experiencing what I have through Dr. Orrock. And I have done everything in the book, but my sex life was getting boring and the climax was just weak and lackluster. This guy is a f@*%$ing miracle worker. I have all of the mp3s of his videos downloaded onto my phone and my ipod and every single time I get shaken to my socks. If you have your doubts, don’t. Ryan is THE man for the job! I swear on and by it.

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